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We encourage faculty to share information about our office in your syllabus. Below is sample language you can include:

The Office of Adult and Non-Traditional Student Services supports undergraduate students who are 25 years old or older when they start their education at VCU, and students who are married/widowed/divorced, have children/dependents and who are military-affiliated. If you are an adult or non-traditional student who needs additional support or guidance, contact the Director of the Adult Learner Experience, Stephanie Ganser, at gansers@vcu.edu or (804) 828-0118.

To learn more about research and professional associations that support adult and non-traditional students, we encourage you to reference:

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Interested in learning more about adult and non-traditional students? Contact Stephanie Ganser at gansers@vcu.edu to have the Office of Adult and Non-Traditional Student Services come to your next meeting or professional development. 

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